3 Tips for Your First Life Coaching Session

Your first life coaching session can be a source of anxiety, especially if you have never experienced life coaching. Don’t worry because the following tips will have you relaxed and ready to go.

How To Prepare For Your First Life Coaching Session

  1. Be Prepared. Most of your success will depend on your willingness to prepare. Be prepared with all your questions. Have a general idea of what you want. Part of your coach’s job is to help you to get crystal clear about the things you want. 
  2. Be Honest. Your coach can’t help you if you are not honest with her. Life coaching is dependent upon both parties being open and honest.
  3. Have Fun! You are now on a journey to fulfill your dreams. That is both exciting and scary. Remember that you only have ONE first session, and it can set the tone for future sessions.


This a new year and changes are in the air. This is the perfect time to create goals for your future.

What about you? Have you experienced life coaching? If not schedule a Free session today. 


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