7 Important Reasons To Have Goals

important reasons to have goals

It’s Important to Have Goals!

There are important reasons to have goals. It’s important to have more than mere dreams, but real tangible and achievable goals. Without a plan for your life, you are subject to drift around trying to ‘find’ yourself. Sit down and give your life an honest assessment of your life. It is important to the creation of clear-cut goals.
If you are looking for the perfect career, or building a better relationship, having a clear strategy will make your life simpler. It can be too easy to drift from one thing to another without accomplishing much. It is much easier to follow a map than to wander without direction trying to find your next destination.
So what is a goal and why is it so important to have them?
Definition: Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to do and devising a plan to achieve the result you desire.
You see having a goal is bigger than a mere dream or a vision of what you want to do with your life. A goal is concrete measurable and achievable plan of action that will make your dream a reality. It is the process of getting from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.
That is the power of goals. What are your goals?
Here are seven important reasons to have goals.
~ Gives direction to life ~ Makes sure we are the ones choosing the direction of our life — not others, not fate, not the media, etc. ~ Motivates you ~Makes sure we get what we want from life ~ Saves time ~ Reduces stress ~ Gives a sense of accomplishment
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