Coaching Services

coaching services

Coaching Services

Welcome to the coaching services page for Divinely Developed Coaching. It is my privilege to serve your dreams. The services offered here are not a part of the monthly membership coaching but are full-service packages. We offer professional coaching with a foundation in Christianity. Our belief is that any goal grounded in biblical truth is destined to succeed. We have never been wrong.

Are you interested in personal business or spiritual coaching? Greta Inez Smith, the owner, and coach lends her years of experience in personal transformation, ministry building, and business creation to give you the best possible outcomes. 

Coaching services are conducted online, by phone and by email. She also provides in-person coaching in and around Wichita Falls, Texas.


Check out what we offer:

60 minute coaching call

Want the coaching but not the package? Divinely Developed offers a 60-minute coaching call to coach you through ANY obstacle. Let’s clarify the issues and design the perfect solution JUST for you! Click the button below to learn more.LEARN MORE  

Spiritual Development

Jump start your Spiritual Development with a Fabulous Faith Journey. Ready to know God’s purpose for you? Interested in building a ministry? Or even grow and develop. Spiritual Development is NOT one size fits all coaching. Every aspect is tailored to your specific need. Click the button below to learn more.LEARN MORE

Basic business Build

Create Your Dream business starting today. Create the basic building blocks to start and run your business. Get into profit sooner than you can even imagine! Click the button below to learn more. LEARN MORE

Write Your Life Story

Have you believed a  negative report about your future? Has anyone ever told you that you would never amount to anything? Did you believe them? You don’t have to fall for the stories that others tell you. You can be anything that you set your heart to. You are not the product of your past, you are the product of your future. The future you are going to write for yourself! Click below to learn more.LEARN MORE