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Let’s start you on a Spiritual Development Journey Today!  Faith and Spirituality are an extremely personal experience.  When you are struggling with your faith in God, your journey of faith becomes imperative. With this coaching package, we examine attitudes and behaviors that connect you with and disconnect you from God. Realignment with the Spirit is imperative to connecting powerfully. 

A connection to the Spirit of God means victory in your prayer warfare, in manifestation, and the power to Speak life over your situations or your family’s.

Start now with a Fabulous Faith Coaching package.  This coaching compliments those who are struggling in the area of faith and having doubt, and for those searching for God-given purpose. If you are starting or expanding a ministry, or wanting to learn to use prayer strategically.  This coaching package is for YOU. All coaching is tailored to the individual. This package is not a part of the monthly membership coaching. 

Fabulous Faith Coaching is very intense and exclusively for those who are not satisfied to operate on this plain of faith. If you are ready to move on up a little higher, then let’s talk about the things you aspire to.

Three-month coaching is 750.00.

$375.00 USD / Bi-Monthly ( recurring charge, for ongoing access ) This is a 3 month Package
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