Focus: The Secret To Achieving Goals


Focus the secret to achieving your goals

Focus: The Secret Sauce For Achieving Goals

Having a powerful focus is the secret to achieving goals. Creating effective goals, along with powerful focus, is a must in your journey to success.  If you want to go farther with your goals, use the power of focused imagination. 

Start with the end in mind. Imagine your goal successfully accomplished. How does it make you feel when you think about your success? Do you feel a sense of freedom? Can you feel the satisfaction of accomplishment? By imagining a successful completion you help your brain to readily find the solution to your challenge. 

Practice focus, when it feels intuitive to do so. For a few minutes a day, imagine your most desired outcome. Ask yourself questions that create a mental picture for you. Ask questions like, what small daily actions helped you to achieve your big win? What was your purpose for pursuing your goal? Does any part of you feel resistance to your goal? Ask and answer as many questions as you can about your goal so that your mental picture is complete.

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Achieving Goals is NOT about What’s Easiest

Achieving goals is not about traveling the road of least resistance. That’s not to say that in creating goals, you should strive for the easiest goals. Goals that fail to challenge you will not excite you. Goals that don’t excite you are most likely those you don’t complete.

Life is full of distractions. Your goal should not be one of them. Often people make goals for the wrong reasons. They make goals they believe will satisfy their family, church, or even society. Any goal that is not self-initiated will fail. Your goals must be what you most desire, if not, you will feel resistance in your spirit.

When creating goals, do a gut check. Check that you don’t have any resistance to the goal. Does this goal excite you? Is it far enough outside your comfort zone to challenge but not overwhelm you? No goal should conflict with your morals. Neither should any goal you set cause chaos in your life. Yes, setting goals can, and should, upset the status quo of your existence. It, however, should not conflict with who you are at your core.

Your intuition should be in full play during your goal creation process. Use it to achieve your dreams effectively, efficiently, and precisely. Focus on your goals daily. It is the secret sauce that brings the pieces of your goal creation efforts together. And because it does, you can know that your efforts will be rewarded. Supercharge your efforts today. Focus!

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