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Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure: Satan’s Perfect Tool

As the New Year approaches,( and it’s practically at our doorstep) the fear of failure looms in the lives of some of you. The New Year is the time when you usually make a New Year’s Resolution and are really gung-ho about making changes in the upcoming year. You are making pledges to yourselves to lose…

Are you Ready To Achieve Your Goals

  Are You Ready To Achieve Your Goals? So are you ready to achieve your goals? Because it’s definitely not too late to live the life of your dreams.  You probably have a lot of big goals for your life. You want a prosperous business, house, and cars, but you then look at your circumstances…

Make a Decision

How To Make A Decision: Do It Already

Make A Decision Make a Decision Already! Do you even know how to make a decision? Has anybody ever screamed this to you out of sheer exasperation? Probably. Making decisions is terrifying. So many decisions rest on you. What do you do? What if you make a wrong choice? If you’ve had these thoughts, you’re not alone.…

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