How To Make A Decision: Do It Already

Make A Decision

make a decisionMake a Decision Already! Do you even know how to make a decision? Has anybody ever screamed this to you out of sheer exasperation? Probably.

Making decisions is terrifying. So many decisions rest on you. What do you do? What if you make a wrong choice?

If you’ve had these thoughts, you’re not alone. It’s common for people to fear that their choices will have negative effects and become irreversible. When in fact, it’s their inability, to make decisions, that’s catastrophic.

Some people believe that if they don’t make any decisions, then those fears will not come true. They don’t seem to understand that there is also a high cost for doing nothing.  An example of this would be:

If this sounds like you, then you could be setting yourself up for increased stress and in your life.  Decisions lead to action.   Actions that lead to your desired goals,  will cause you to relax and less. By making critical choices and combining this with decisive action, you eliminate worry.


How To Make A Decision

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Knowing how to make a decision is critical. You make many critical decisions in your personal and business life all the time.  It affects your personal development progress when you make the choice to take action. That’s because decisions are the key to action.

Tony Robbins says, to decide, is to cut off any other possibility.  In other words, decisions immediately change our mindset. It makes it possible to act in a positive manner, and be successful in the things you want to do. 

Tips For Making Good Decisions

  1. Clear your mind. Take the time to relax and clear the negative voices that say you will make the wrong choices. Ignore them
  2. Consider the pros and cons. Consider each choice carefully. Write down the positives and negatives and pay close attention to the benefits.
  3. Consider the consequences. Thinking about this is hard because it can lead to a fear of making decisions because when people can’t predict the outcome they panic! Stop the fear by asking yourself these questions. What is the worse that can happen? Is it likely to happen?
  4. Make a choice. That’s the part you dread, but remember there is a higher cost for doing nothing. 

Making good decisions is a matter of practice and patience, but remember that whatever path your decisions take, they are reversible. Make the choice to decide today.

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