Personal Development Without God


Personal Development Without God??


The Self Help and Personal Development industries do an 11 billion dollar business in annual sales. That’s in the US alone. The industry promises people easy ‘change your life’ programs that lead to instantly fulfilled lives.The Self Help industry is like an octopus with tentacles. Each tentacle is a class in the industry, such as time management, weight loss, relationships, self-esteem, goal setting, and self-esteem, to name a few. The class is then segmented into seminars, workshops, books, and DVDs etc.The Self Help and Personal Development industry seems recession proof and has survived a lot of scandals, scams, and plain unimaginative fair.

I don’t knock personal development at all. It’s needed! I’ve bought many kits that promise to help me stay motivated and overcome procrastination. I wanted to set goals that were manageable and wanted to drop excuses from my life. And the personal growth ideas self-help programs promised have sometimes helped me. My personal development is important; uncompromisingly so. The problems with current industry market are that so many people are not getting better. It is statistically proven that anyone who buys any self-help material, will buy again within 18 months. The industry makes people feel as if they need perfection. The problem is that there is no perfection program-period! I discovered this the hard way. I searched for so long to find some program that would help my personal growth and to help me to stop falling back into the same destructive patterns all over again. Nothing helped for long.



What if you could find a program that has proven itself. What if you could find a system that has been time-tested and the proofs are irrefutable? I know of a book that promises to perfect your personal growth, to reshape your subconscious mind. It is the perfect answer to stress management and shows you the path to achieving goals. This book will define purpose and develop talents. There is no better motivational speaker than the author of this book and it’s time-tested program guarantees to change your life.

I’m talking about the Bible! The Bible is the original self-help manual and has changed lives for thousands of years. God, through scripture, devised a personal growth strategy that has been proven to work. You can leverage the power of His living word and know the power of His unconditional love and grace. The catch is that He requires that you exchange self-help for God’s help.He wants your self-confidence to turn into godly confidence and personal growth into spiritual growth. The Bible’s life coaching program requires trust and faith in Him.He will do those things that you want, but you must allow Him to purpose you for Himself.

Divinely Developed is a platform that uses the divine wisdom of God to help shape and reshape the lives of women. We believe that through scripture and positive faith steps, that any woman can meet her personal and spiritual dreams.

Through the use of biblical principles, focused study, and positive action, your life will begin to change for the better. We don’t promise overnight success or easy fixes. Growth is difficult.

I attest that self-help is NOT the best help. With God’s word at your fingertips, you will begin to see the direction He wants you to go for personal growth and beyond. Ready for a complete coaching package?