Sexual Purity Coaching

Sexual Purity Coachingsexual purity coaching

Sexual purity is both a serious and sensitive subject among Christians. Today Christians are as sexually active as non-Christians and have become desensitized to the enormity of this sin. Though all sin is grievous to the Spirit of God, this sin of sexual immorality has the potential to derail a person for life. 

This is because this sin is also committed against your own body. The emotion toll of casual sex is great and without healing can have profound weight on the decisions you make in your life. Sexual purity protects you from STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, inordinate relationships, and soul ties, among other things. 

It is time to choose life.

Sexual purity and chastity are still very important to God.  It is time to choose the life that is pleasing to God. Sex is a delight to God. He created it to be good, fun, and satisfying. But ONLY in the context in which it was created. 

Many single Christian women feel pressured into a sexual relationship in order to keep their boyfriends. Some are currently having sex and want to stop in order to have the right relationship with God, but don’t know how to break the sexual activity without breaking the relationship. If this sounds like your situation then sexual purity coaching can help you. All coaching is tailored to you and your specific needs.

Divinely Developed Coaching can help you. Contact us today for a Free Strategy Session of if you are ready; Book an Appointment.

$375.00 USD / Bi-Monthly ( recurring charge, for ongoing access ) This is a 3 month Package
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