Write Your Life Story

Write Your Life Story

Write Your Life Story Coaching

 There is an old saying that goes, “We are all just a sum total of our childhood experiences.” That is the truth, of course, but often times those experiences are told by others about you.  No one knows you like you do, yet sometimes we believe what others have to say about us. Even if it isn’t true.

God created the beginning of your story, but He gives you permission to finish it. How you start is not how you have to finish.  Learn to write the story of your life the way you want it. Find out how YOU have always interpreted your experiences. Examine the emotions that lead you to negative conclusions about yourself. Do you know why you can write your life story?

You are the AUTHOR of your story.

This Write Your Story Coaching program helps you to re-write the negatives in a way that builds on the positive outcome that you are looking for. Learn to reframe your negatives into positives. This is not make-believe. You are creating your dream life.

This coaching is not a part of the monthly membership.

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$375.00 USD / Bi-Monthly ( recurring charge, for ongoing access ) This is a 3 month Package
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